Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

APC Management and its employees are fully committed to meet all regulatory requirements related to health and safety, in addition to meeting customer health and safety requirements. APC recognizes that its employees and sub‑contractors are exposed to various industrial environments which could be hazardous and we ensure safe working conditions not only in its own premises but also at its customers’ worksites by implementing stringent health and safety procedures and protocols which are based on the nature, scale and complexity of the various project activities that need to be undertaken.

APC has developed a HSE Management System (documented in the HSE Manual) that is integral to every aspect of the business process that extends from the very first contact with the customer through to the delivery of the product and the subsequent field service required to ensure safe and reliable day‑to‑day operation in a safe work environment for employees, contractors and visitors. APC employees are trained and required to adhere to the procedures and instructions of the HSE Management System. Every stage of the business process is monitored and evaluated to ensure the provision of products and services that conform to customer expectations, underlying product standards and APC rules and regulations.

APC has also established, implemented and maintained a procedure for identification of environmental aspects of its activities, products and services within the defined scope of its HSE‑MS that it can control and those that it can influence taking into account planned or new developments, or new or modified activities, products and services. The procedure also determines those aspects that have or can have a significant impact on the environment. This information is kept upto date and significant environmental aspects are taken into account in establishing, implementing and maintaining its HSE‑MS.


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