ESP Motors

APC ESP motors are three-phase AC, two-pole, squirrel cage, induction motors that convert high voltage AC electrical power into mechanical power for the pump.

Motors are selected to provide the horsepower required by the pump to deliver the desire flow and lift. For higher horsepower/higher flow applications two or more motors can be installed in series enabling production from deeper wells.

All APC motors are hand wound and filled with highly refined synthetic/mineral oil to provide insulation; lubrication for rotor bearings and heat dissipation. Motors rely on the velocity and thermal conductivity of the wellbore fluid flowing past the motor to ensure adequate cooling and APC employs proprietary insulating materials for applications where higher operating temperature ratings are required with the XT1 motor rated for temperatures up to 325°F (163°C).

APC ESP motors are available in a range of diameters (series) with multiple horsepower, voltage and current nameplate options.

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