ESP Power Cables


The APC Endurance ESP Power Cable family is the result of a rigorous in-house design process that ensures clean and efficient power is supplied to the submersible motor, reducing electrical stresses and maximizing ESP run life. Designed to exceed the IEEE 1018.2013 and IEEE 1018.2013 specifications, APC ESP power cables offer reliability in harsh down-hole environments and are available in a multitude of configurations to suit all operating conditions and customer requests.

Each cable consists of a highly conductive copper conductor that is fully annealed and can be coated with tin or lead alloy for greater corrosion resistance. Insulation is selected on down-hole temperatures and can be enhanced with protective layers to avoid oil swelling, and, in gassy applications, expansion and rupture. Mechanical protection is provided by the Jacket and interlocking Armor, with application-specific options including double layers or heavier armor material to provide hoop strength and mechanical protection.

The APC Engineering Team is ready to thoroughly analyze all aspects of your well environment, including well dimensions, operating temperatures, flow rates and gas presence to select the best cable components for your application.

APC offers six power cable product lines: four for mild, normal condition, one High Temperature/High Pressure and a Motor Lead Extension. Each series rated to 5kV and available in round or flat in a range of conductor gauge sizes and configurations.


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