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Alkhorayef Special Projects Group has extensive experience of providing customers with tailored solutions to quickly produce from conventional and heavy oil reservoirs with Early Production Facilities (EPF) and Artificial Lift Systems. Alkhorayef Kuwait Company’s (AKC) EPF Projects allow operators to gather reservoir performance data that validates the feasibility of recovery techniques whilst also providing an early source of revenue.

AKC offers various commercial models, all of which give clients the flexibility of outsourcing large scale projects to a single contractor. The operator enjoys cost savings by not having dedicated project departments and from not having to engage the services of multiple vendors. AKC’s management of the project, from inception, through to design, installation, commissioning as well as operation and maintenance enables increased efficiencies and significant cost savings by capitalizing on AKC’s expertise and innovation.

AKC was established in 1996 to supply Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP) to customers in the Kuwaiti Oil and Gas sector. AKC is currently the largest provider of ESPs in Kuwait with over 1,200 units installed, representing over 60% of the market.

Reservoir performance and fluid properties can vary significantly and may be suited to alternative methods of Artificial Lift.   As such, AKC offers Progressing Cavity Pumps (PCP) which are ideal for lifting heavy or viscous fluids and Sucker Rod Pumps (SRP) that are better suited to lower productivity wells. For the transfer of fluids on surface, AKC employs Horizontal Pumping Systems (HPS).

As a field matures, water cut increases and reservoir pressure declines, reducing productivity, even with the use of Artificial Lift. A variety of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques can then be used to maximise recovery and increase production from the reservoir. By re-injecting (or flooding) produced water back into the reservoir via an injection well, Reservoir Pressure is maintained and the fluid is “pushed” towards the producing well. AKC operates Water Flood projects using ESPs in source and production wells and also Horizontal Pumping Systems (HPS) to re-inject the water.

Heavy oil fields are known to produce a significant amount of sand and typically, expensive sand exclusion devices are used to keep the sand out of the wellbore. However, these devices have been found to severely inhibit the flow of reservoir fluids into the production wellbore and as such, the sand is produced to surface along with the reservoir fluids via PCP.

In cases where the viscosity of heavy oil makes it difficult to pump fluid to the surface and through flow lines, AKC injects steam into the reservoirs to reduce the fluid viscosity to bring it within the operating envelope of an ESP or PCP. AKC Early Production Facilities treat the produced crude by separating the multiphase fluid and transferring the separated fluids to their respective export lines or disposal means.

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