Surface Equipment


Automation, control and optimisation of downhole equipment are managed on surface through the Motor Controller. When integrated with a downhole monitoring system, the operator can effectively maximise production, reduce operating costs and protect the ESP equipment.

The APC Advanced Motor Controller (MC) is the standardised control and monitoring interface fitted to both APC Fixed and Variable Speed Drives.   The MC allows for complete unattended operation of ESP systems through a SCADA system and programmable responses to user defined inputs such as a downhole monitoring system. Additional features include drive and downhole protection, data logging and remote monitoring. The APC MC is easily configurable to customer requirements to ensure real time access to critical information.

APC offer both Fixed Speed and Variable Speed Drives (VSD). The benefit of a Variable Speed drive is the far greater operating range that is possible from the pump giving the operator greater flexibility should reservoir, market or processing conditions dictate. The electrical and mechanical soft start features in addition to the electrical isolation provided by the VSD help to maximise run life of downhole equipment.

APC utilises Multi Level Inverter technology on the VSD output that provides a near sinusoidal waveform, removing the need for a Sine Wave Filter. The cleaner power being delivered to the motor reduces the motor operating temperature and stresses on the electrical system’s insulation resulting in a longer run life. In place of the conventional compressed gas air conditioning methods, APC has a patented Thermo Electric Cooler (TEC) System, which is inherently reliable and compact, meeting the need for a reduced footprint of offshore installations.

APC offers both Low and Medium voltage drives.

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