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Multi Fingers Caliper Tool (MFC)

The Alkhorayef Multi-Finger Caliper tool (MFC), manufactured by GoWell, provides direct, accurate and reliable measurements of internal tubing and casing diameters.

General specs
Maximum Pressure 15,000 psi (103MPa)
Maximum Temperature 350°F (175°C)
Diameter 2-7/8 in (73 mm)
Length 60 in. (1.52 m)
Weight 81.6 lbs (37.0 kg)
Caliper Measurement
Number of arms 40 arms
Minimum 3.14 in. (80 mm)
Maximum 8.26 in. (210 mm
Accuracy ±0.02 in. (0.5 mm)
Resolution 0.0039 in. (0.1 mm)

Magnetic Thickness Detector (MTD)

The Alkhorayef Magnetic Thickness Detector (MTD), manufactured by GoWell, is a 1-11/16 in O.D electromagnetic corrosion measuring instrument primarily run through tubing with the unique ability to simultaneously inspect tubing and the casings behind it.

The integrity of the casing string can be evaluated with neither the requirement for costly workover rig, nor the time-consuming removal of the tubing completion.

The MTD tool can evaluate quantitative thickness measurements up to three concentric pipes.

General specs
Maximum Pressure 15,000 psi (103 MPa)
Temperature Range –4 ~ 350°F (-20 ~ 175°C)
Diameter 1-11/16 in (43 mm)
Length 44.3 in (1.125 m)
Weight 12 lbs (5 kg)
Measuring Range 2.362 ~ 18.625 in (60  ~ 473.1 mm)
Total Pipe Wall Thickness 1.75 in. (44.4 mm)


Vertical Production Logging (V-PLT)

The Alkhorayef Vertical Production Logging Tools (V-PLT), manufactured by Sondex, are used to gather fluid data which is used to maximize hydrocarbon recovery or manage fluid profiles for injection wells.

The V-PLT log data can be used to:

  • Identify producing zones and the fluids from them – oil, water, gas or mixtures
  • Detect leaks, low pressure zones or problem zones that require remedial work to repair the damage or block off zones
  • Calculate qualitatively the flowrates of oil, gas and water from each producing zone
  • Profile injection fluids - these are typically water or gas

Our vertical production logging tool string will typically include.

  • GR
  • CCL
  • Pressure
  • Temperature 
  • Density  
  • Capacitance  
  • Dual caliper 
  • Spinner (full bore, in-line, continues).


Advanced Horizontal Production Logging (H-PLT) with the Multiple Array Production Suite (MAPS)

The Alkhorayef Multiple Array Production Suite (MAPS), manufactured by Sondex, is used for deviated and horizontal production logging.

MAPS is a combination of advanced horizontal production logging tools that provides holdup data from resistance array tool (RAT) and capacitance array tool (CAT), and directional and speed of multi-phased flow from the spinner array tool (SAT) measured around the wellbore.

MAPS makes it possible to provide quantitative estimates of the volumetric flow rate of each phase with a much higher degree of confidence and thus provides vital information for reservoir management.

Our horizontal production logging tool string will typically include.

  • Pressure
  • Temperature 
  • Capacitance array tool (CAT)
  • Resistance array tool (RAT) 
  • Spinner array tool (SAT)
  • Dual caliper 
  • Full bore spinner


Downhole Electric Cutting Tool (DECT)

The Alkhorayef Downhole Electric Cutting Tool (DECT) is a mechanical pipe cutter that meets industry demands for safe, reliable, high precision cutting operations without using dangerous chemicals or explosives. The DECT can be used tubular cutting in horizontal and vertical oil and gas wells, and in brine or drilling mud.

The DECT cuts oilfield tubulars with precision control leaving a machine shop quality finish. The remaining pipe can easily be fished using industry standard techniques, removing the need for subsequent cleanup operations. The depth of penetration can be accurately controlled preventing damage to external casing strings and enabling packer retrieval operations to be undertaken.

The DECT can be deployed on mono-conductor wireline, coil tubing, and tractor. Depth correlation is achieved by utilizing an analog casing collar locator (CCL).

DECT features:

  • Cutting range from 3.5 to 6 inches, up to 1-inch wall thickness
  • Cuts pipe in both tension or compression 
  • Cuts all grades of low and high alloy steels including inconel 718, 13cr, 25cr
  • Multiple cuts possible during single run
DECT 001 Specifications
Tool OD
2 3/4 In 3 1/4 In
Pipe size (OD) 2 1/2 In (73 mm)
3 - 5 In 3.5 - 6 In
Maximum wall thickness
3/4 In 1 In
Temperature rating 300°F
Pressure rating 15,000 psi
Toolstring length 16 - 25 ft
Toolstring weight 170 - 240 lbs
Tool power requirements 1,000 VDC/2A

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